2 days after Ajit Pawar became Deputy Chief Minister, 9 cases related to 70 thousand crore irrigation scam closed

new Delhi. The file for nine cases related to the Rs 70 thousand crore irrigation scam has been closed just two days after Ajit Pawar became deputy chief minister. The scam took place in the Vidarbha region and the Anti Corruption Bureau of Maharashtra was investigating it. However, it is not clear whether Ajit was an accused in these nine cases of closure. News agency ANI quoted ACB sources as saying that the cases mentioned in the letter which went viral on social media, are not related to Ajit. It has also been said that the cases have been closed conditionally. That is, when any new information is revealed, they can be reopened for investigation.
This is the case when the Congress and NCP had a coalition government in the state. Between 1999 and 2014, Ajit was the Irrigation Minister on separate occasions in this government. It was revealed in the Economic Survey that despite spending 70 thousand crore rupees on different irrigation projects in a decade, the irrigation area in the state expanded by just 0.1%. The contracts of the projects were awarded to a select few, following the rules.
3000 tenders investigated
In this case 3000 tenders were investigated. A former engineer of the irrigation department had also written a letter alleging that under the pressure of the leaders, many such dams were built, which were not needed. The engineer also wrote that many dams were made weak. The BJP made the irrigation scam a tremendous issue during the election campaign before coming to power in Maharashtra in 2014