2 Indore engineers produce self balance scooter with voice command, price Rs. 19,000

Bhopal, November 25, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): IIT Passout Two engineers have designed self-balance scooters. It is helpful in preventing accidents due to scooter imbalance. The specialty of a scooter is that you will not need to stand on the ground to make a balance. This voice command will be controlled by your voice. Also, we will be able to park it with voice command and get it out of the parking lot. It has been prepared by Vikas Poddar, a resident of Passout Indore from IIT Madras and Ashutosh Upadhyay of Passout Ujjain from IIT Kharagpur.
Together they started Liger Mobility Startup in Mumbai. Vikas told Bhaskar, most of the accidents happen due to deterioration of the balance of the vehicles. We have designed this scooter to solve this problem. Ashutosh told that through our technology the scooter can balance itself, so there will be no need for the scooter to maintain the balance of the scooter with his feet.
According to the development, it will be easier to drive on crowded roads. The initial capital for our project was raised by the founders of Liger Mobility. We got funding in two rounds from IIT Mumbai. Now we are preparing for its production and launching.
Balancing technique will work like this
In this technique, the sensors installed in the vehicle send to the data processor connected to the vehicle, which uses the Artificial Intelligence algorithm. This happens more than a thousand times per second, so that the scooter remains balanced even when it is off