Traffic fines will be reduced in entire Madhya Pradesh, rules may apply after one month

Bhopal, November 25, 2019 (Ataullah Faizan): After the amendment in the Central Motor Vehicle Act, the new provisions have come into force from September 9, but the state government has not implemented them yet. Due to the absence of state rules, the provisions of the Center are being implemented through the court.
Actually, the Transport Department will issue its rules to reduce the amount of fine in the state. After the rule comes into force, almost half of the fine will be fixed in all fines including not driving helmets and driving without driving license. Transport Minister Govind Singh Rajput says that the penalty amount will be reduced on the demand of common people. New rules of the state are being prepared for this. These are likely to be implemented after one month. Transport Commissioner B. Madhu Kumar says that the rules that the state government will make, the department will implement them.
This possibility in the rules …. Failure to wear a helmet could lead to a fine of 1000 instead of 1500 … up to 300 rupees now
5000 drivers are fined every month for not wearing helmets
Every month the traffic police impose a fine on 5000 non-helmet drivers. ASP traffic Pradeep Chauhan says that 600 people who drive a vehicle after drinking alcohol are fined every month. While 450 car drivers are fined every month in cases of not installing seat belts.
Ministers had raised objections so Center rules were not implemented
As far as the implementation of the provisions of the Central Motor Vehicle Act is concerned, it took the central government more than three years. The new provisions of the Central Motor Vehicle Act came into force from 9 September. After this, the Law and Public Relations Minister PC Sharma and other ministers, including the state, had said that they would not implement the provisions.
Fines should be paid according to common people …
According to the Transport Commissioner NK Tripathi, the state government should fix the amount of fine according to the common people. But it should not be so that the amount is reduced so much that the penalty does not look like a penalty. Therefore, the amount should be decided by coordinating.
This is reality
Accepted the penalty through the court
The provisions of the Central Motor Vehicle Act have been accepted by the state government only for the penalty through the court. Due to the implementation of these provisions through the court, drivers are being fined up to five times or more than before. To control this, the state government can reduce the amount of fine by making its own rules. All this exercise is being done in this episod