Preparations to protect Ayodhya cows from cold, three layer ‘Velvet’ coats will be worn

Ayodhya. After the Supreme Court’s decision, where the construction of Ram temple has been cleared. Right now the good days of cows are coming to Ayodhya. In fact, the Municipal Corporation is preparing to wear ‘Velvet’ coats to protect the cows from the cold. Ayodhya Municipal Commissioner Dr. Neeraj Shukla said- ‘Cow coat’ is being arranged in the Gaushala at Basingh here to protect the cows from the cold. The system will be implemented in two-three stages, as the number of cows here is 1,200. Earlier, coats are being prepared for their 100 children (calves).
Cow coats are in three layers. The first layer is covered with a soft cloth, followed by foam and then jute. First the cloth is being applied so that it does not prick. Foam so that it absorbs water and produces heat. Its sample is ready.
Price Rs 250 to Rs 300
Delivery will be done here at the end of November. Its price will come between Rs 250 to Rs 300. There will be different designs for male and female animals.
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