Indore, Bhopal and 3 other cities of MP more polluted than Delhi on different dates

Bhopal, November 27, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Indore with 363 AQI, Katni 283, Jabalpur. Bhopal 242 and Mandideep 238 AQI have been found to be more pulluted that Delhi’s 229 AQI.
Bhopal witnessed more polluted air than Delhi on Sunday. The toxicity of city’s air counted more than Delhi’s 229 AQI, as recorded by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) on Sunday.
Four cities of Madhya Pradesh recorded higher Air Quality Index (AQI) than that of Delhi. Bhopal continued to have more pollution level than the industrial township of Mandideep. Similarly, Katni where lime stone is found in abundance leads in the state with 283 AQI.
However, Satna, despite cement factories, has better condition as far as air pollution level is concerned. Maihar has always been good with 41 AQI.
In summer, administration had launched a massive plantation drive involving people of all walks of live. A slogan Cool Bhopal, Green Bhopal, was given to raise the awareness for plantation. In Delhi, even government had taken the decision for odd-even system for vehicles to reduce handle the pollution level.

However, Indore officials said that due to concerning employee on leave for last two days, the sensors had gathered dust showing high AQI. When dusts was removed the sensor showed !74 AQI.