Madhya Prdesh Ministers Jayawardhan and Priyavrat mobbed, police officer also pushed during Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar

Soytakalan / Agar Malwa. There was a fierce commotion in Soytakalan on Tuesday during your government, AApki Sarkar AApke Dwar . Angry people shouted at police officers for not arresting the murder accused. People demonstrated in front of Urban Development and Agar-Malwa district in-charge Minister Jaivardhan Singh and Energy Minister Priyavrat Singh.
The relatives of the deceased did not calm down even after the minister in charge assured them to conduct an inquiry from the CID. Women also tried to throw slippers at the officers. The police shook people and removed both the ministers and other guests. After this, the commuters were arrested. Police have registered a case against 25 nominated and 5 others. On September 28, a young man named Ayub was killed. The accused have not been traced till date. This makes the family angry.
The commotion started as soon as the ministers arrived
As soon as the minister got down from the car, people started shouting slogans against the police. The minister in-charge listened to the families and made two women sit on the dais with him. After the program, when the minister went inside to have breakfast, the family again created a ruckus. They wanted assurance in writing from the minister. The minister in charge asked some relatives to be sent inside. After the police stopped some others from leaving, the women standing there shook the police officers. Collector Sanjay Kumar tried to convince people. If they did not agree, the police pushed and removed them.
The IG constituted the SIT to trace the accused of the murder. Also assured to conduct an investigation with CID. Even after this, the family continued to create ruckus. Junked and indecency with police officers and employees. Police did not beat anyone.
Savita Sohane, SP Agar Malwa