7 months after love marriage, man takes wife on long drive and shoots her

New Delhi: Stayed in a secret relationship for two years and both of them did not let their families get hooked. Then married and after only 7 months of the relationship, the story of such a deterioration ended with the dreadful murder of the wife. This is a creepy tale of love, from Nancy Sharma and Sahil Chopra. On November 10, when Nancy was taken on a long drive by husband Sahil with her cousin Shubham and driver Badal, she (Nancy) had absolutely no doubt that the husband had organized the trip to end her life journey. It is alleged that Sahil took wife Nancy to Panipat in Haryana and shot her in the head and threw the body into the bushes. He also confessed his crime in a stringent interrogation by the police.
Both were married in March this year
March 27, 2019 was the date when Sahil reached his home with wife Nancy and told the family that the two had got married. The family gradually came to know that the two had been living in a flat in West Delhi for two years. The two met at a pub in Rohini where Nancy was working as an event manager. Sahil’s family claims that Nancy pretended to be an orphan herself and also showed a childcare certificate.
Chopra family claims
Sahil’s mother Roshi Chopra said, “We accepted Nancy as her daughter-in-law, thinking she had no caretaker.” He said, ‘We organized a response for them in a hurry so that people stop asking us questions about marriage.’ The Chopra family also paid the honeymoon trip to Goa for the newly married couple.
But, soon the flavors of the marriage faded and the two started fighting, especially in the matter of money. The Chopra family said that Nancy’s parents never contacted her. He says that Shubham, arrested in the murder case, also gave him the number of a woman whom Nancy had told her aunt. According to the Chopra family, the first time she came to know of Nancy’s family was when she ignored her father’s phone call.
Sharma family claim
However, Nancy’s father Sanjay Sharma claims that Nancy was being tortured at her in-laws’ house. He said, ‘My daughter came to meet us a few days before the incident. She then said that she was being tortured by the Chopra family. They keep saying that they have spent a lot of money at the reception. Nancy’s family lives in a rented house in Harinagar behind DDU Hospital. Sanjay Sharma said that Nancy first introduced Sahil as his friend in the workplace two years ago. He later learns that the two have got married in a temple. He said that after the wedding, he organized a formal wedding ceremony at his home. By then, he knew that his daughter Nancy lives in PG with her friends. Nancy’s father said, ‘I run a factory in Haryana. Besides Nancy, I have two daughters and a son. The family ran from Nancy’s salary. He had joined the restaurant after studying up to 12th standard. When she told me that she loves Sahil and got married to him, I did not object. ‘
Sharma claims that on November 11, a relative spoke to Sahil’s mother, who said that Nancy had gone somewhere with her husband Sahil. He said, ‘I was worried when we did not get a call for a few days. Nancy’s friend and her mother were told that both were in France while Nancy did not have a passport. ‘
Sharma claims that on November 22, the Chopra family told his sister-in-law that Nancy and Sahil had run away from the house with Rs 20 lakh and a police case had been filed against them. He said, ‘When I did not get a satisfactory reply from Sahil’s family, I lodged a police complaint on 23 November.