Hamidia Hospital CMO misbehaved with doc who came for dental treatment/ tries to throw chair at him

left CMO and right victim
left CMO and right victim

Bhopal, November 29, 2019 (Muslim Saleem): Hamidia Hospital is once again in the headlines. This time the case is of misconduct between two senior doctors. Actually, Dr. Ahmed, suffering from toothache, on Thursday Dr. Hamidia CMA Dr. Phanindra had reached Sharma. Dr. Ahmed says that I went to Hamidia for treatment of toothache on Tuesday. Here I was advised to go to Kamla Nehru Hospital. From there sent to emergency and JP was advised to go to hospital by emergency. When I reached Jaypee Hospital on Wednesday, the doctor told me to go to Hamidia, stating the need for a tooth x-ray. On Thursday, when I reached the Daibara Hamidia Hospital, I kept circling from here to there. Then I When he reached Phanindra Sharma, he asked to get a form for the APD, when the form was reached, he started saying that you have to go to Kamla Nehru, a gas sufferer, how can you get treatment here. When I said the same thing by writing on the prescription, Dr. Sharma was enraged and started misbehaving. He went on to lift the chair and run. Dr. Ahmed complained about the case to GMC Dean Dr. TN Dubey and Hamidia Hospital Superintendent Dr. AK Srivastava. Dr. Srivastava Sharma was called in for questioning so he came so excited that he kicked the door and entered the Superintendent’s cabin and started shouting. Others will be seen sitting in the cabin. Sharma went back to the lat.
Accusations … they misbehaved, Dr. Sharma’s
I have been roaming around for three days, sending from here to there. Dr. Sharma was saying that the gas victims had come here for treatment. When I said this to Dr. When asked to write to Phanindra Sharma, he raised the chair and killed him to kill me. – Ahmed, the victim
Cleaning … it’s a conspiracy against me
A conspiracy has been committed against me. It is deliberately sent to me to send me so that a mahaail can be made against me. – Phanindra Sharma, CMA, Hamidia Hospital
Had a fight with the director
Dr. Phanindra Sharma has been in controversy before due to his angry attitude. In 2014, Dr. Sharma said the then Director Health Dr. Dr. KK slapped Tasu. Dr. Sharma is originally an employee of the Health Department, but has been posted at Hamidia Hospital.
Dr. Sharma misbehaved in the cabin, will take action against him
After the complaint of the patient, Dr. Sharma was called for questioning. He misbehaved in our cabin. In this regard, we have told the higher authorities. Dr. Action is being taken against Sharma. – AK Srivastava, Superintendent, Hamidia Hospital