RIPPriyankaReddy’ trended on Twitter, people sought justice for female doctor, who was burned to death

Hyderabad: There is a sensation in the area after the burnt body of a 26-year-old female doctor in Shadnagar, on the outskirts of the city. On the one hand, while the police have started investigation in the case, on the other hand, angry people are demanding justice through Twitter on #RIPPriyankaReddy.
According to media reports, veterinarian Priyanka Reddy used to work in a veterinary hospital in Kolluru. On Wednesday, she parked her scooty near the toll plaza and arrived at work by cab. When she returned at night, they found that she had a scooty puncture.
Talked with sister on call and then …
Priyanka tells her sister about the situation and also reveals that she is scared because there are only loading trucks and unknown people around. The sister asked them to go to the toll plaza or leave the scooty and come by the cab. Priyanka tells her sister that some people have offered her help and they talked about calling back for a while.
According to reports, the sister told the police that when Priyanka was called a few minutes later, her phone switched off. The distraught family first tried to find Priyanka herself by reaching the toll plaza, when she was not found, they lodged a police complaint.
Police received information about the burnt corpse
On Thursday morning, police received information about the burnt body of a woman near the Hyderabad-Bangalore highway. After reaching the spot, the police contacted Priyanka’s family on the basis of the missing report, who confirmed the body was Priyanka’s body on the basis of clothes and throat locket.
The police started investigating CCTV in the case. Also, information is being collected about who offered help to Priyanka.
People asked for justice
After the unfolding of this incident, not only Telangana but people from all over the country were seen demanding justice to Priyanka through social media and apprehending the accused to the harshest punishment. He used #RIPPriyankaReddy for this, which remained the top trend on Twitter for several hours.
Our Judiciary System is a Big Joke
People are becoming So cruel Day by Day, High time Law needs to be amended with Strict and Stringent Actions 🙏 #RIPPriyankaReddy

I just listened #Priyankareddy ‘s heart wrenching last call with her sister. The condition of women in our society has become savagely violent to live.
Girls,Pls Be Careful if you are travelling alone. Immediately inform police if you find anything doubtful#RIPPriyankareddy

Seema Gehlot
Indian men seriously are turning demons day by day . Women safety should be on top of any government agenda . Sadly we are still engaged in caste and religion politics😭😭😭#RIPPriyankaReddy

Dhanu_Indian PSPK

RIPPriyankareddy Rest in Peace Sister😭

Just Tharun
It is hard to accept that we live in a world where women are no more safe to wander alone. I don’t think it will get better after witnessing what has happened to another girl. It was dreadful and painful at the same time. May your soul rest in peace. #RIPPriyankaReddy

She believed our society and went alone. You, me, this society and our system, we all collectively failed her today. In fact we all killed her.#RIPPriyankaReddy